About Me

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me! I am a work at home mama, to three little ones, and one on the way! I really enjoy working with people and designing. I prefer not to limit myself to one particular "niche" in style. I love fun and funky, simple and modern, shabby chic, and elegant. I also really try to make things that I would purchase myself, and in the price range that I feel is affordable. It's really exciting to be able to work with people that are getting their own business up and running, and I think it's great to be able to help and be apart of it, even if it's just a being a small part, of helping their visions come true! I also have a sister shop to Dink A Doo Studios, which I lovingly call "Ink A Dink Designs" where we create a number of different premade invitations, announcements, stationary, and other fun goodies!