Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And We're Back!

Ok! So, my new little guy is two and half  months old already *sigh* and things are getting to be a little more predictable! Not less hectic, but...hey, I'll take it! Which means, work is starting to get back on track for me. And in case you were wondering if I have gone completely crazy yet...I believe the answer would be "YES!" I have decided to start work on new items, and yet another shop! I have jumped in with both feet (as I usually do..and without to much practical thinking) and purchased my very own professional printer...OY! So I will be opening a shop with printed cards, stationary, and wall art, along with my personal favorite, a line of very sarcastic, and mostly inappropriate card designs. Sarcastic and inappropriate, you say?! Why yes....I know, I have shocked you all!