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Shop Showcase! Yay!!!!

Nest Of Many Colors!

1. Do you sell full time, or do you consider this just a hobby?

- I do a little bit of both! I am a stay at home Mom first, and I create when I have time. I don't have a job outside of the home, so I do consider running my Etsy/website my full time job. At the same time, I LOVE what I do; so it is a hobby as well.

2. How did you get started in your craft?

- I have always been a really crafty person; when I was younger I was constantly making friendship bracelets (you know the kind with embroidery thread!?), pottery items, jewelry; you name it! Headbands, accessories, and bow holders came much later after I had my own two girls. I created bow holders for my little ones, and all of my friends instantly wanted me to make them for their girls. It has just grown from there.

3. What are your dreams for your items?

- I strive daily to create a product that folks are proud to wear. I want them to look through their accessories and pick mine first because it is the one that matches the best, or makes them the happiest when they wear it. I absolutely beam when I see others wearing my products; knowing that they treasure something that I made for them. I would also love to see my products grow, succeed, and be worn by people all over the world.

4. What is your favorite part of working?

- I love getting new supplies, that is my very favorite part of my "job". I love it when I get new fabrics, trims, and crystals and I can lay them out on my table and see what new combinations I can put together. It is so fun to have that creative time where you just envision what can be created with those supplies.

5. What is the most stressful part?! BE HONEST!

- I definitely think that the most stressful part can be doing things perfectly. I am extremely obsessive about making sure that things look the best. I work really hard to provide an amazing "hand made" product, and with that comes the same two hair clips looking slightly different. I will sometimes create a piece 2-3 times before I have it looking the way that I am satisfied with before I ship it to its new owner. That can be time consuming, and worrisome. I just want to make sure that I send something that the customer will love and be proud of.

6. Where do you find a lot of your inspiration?

- My own little ladies. I have two girls (and one dashing dude); and a lot of times I make things that match what they wear. I like to keep the styles simple and classic; not too over the top so that they can be worn time and time again. I love bright colors, so a lot of my inspiration comes from things that have rich bright colors. Like our new Bitty Fleurs, they are named after ice cream flavors!

7. Tell us a few things about yourself that people may not know.

- Let's see...I had two kids in one year that were not twins! (Jan 8, 2008/Dec 31, 2008) In my free time I love to bake...cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. I really enjoy writing, I find it therapeutic, and fun. I was born a natural red head, but since I've gotten older, it has gotten darker. Lastly, I am missing a ball joint in my right wrist, which makes it impossible to bend! :)

8. Have you found a marketing tactic that works really well for you, that may help other sellers?

- I absolutely LOVE using Facebook as a marketing tool. It is free to use, user friendly, and let's be real...everyone is on Facebook! It can be hard to gain a following, so when I first started I participated in a few give aways to get my business name out there. In doing that I gain new fans, and friends...a lot of who go on to place orders! I participate in give aways now every so often, but I still have quite a fan following. It is easy to post new products, and promotions; and I have actually gotten a lot of orders off of my Facebook page alone!

9. How would you describe your work environment? Do you like it, or do you want a change up?

- I would describe it as....all over the place! The majority of my supplies are kept in my dinning room. There are plastic Rubbermaids EVERYwhere with fabric, flowers, beads, crystals, thread, etc. Each one of my boxes is super organized, but I would love to have my own room that was a dedicated work space. Ideally there would be "working" table, a "packing/shipping" table, a ton of storage, and a tv! What can I say, I like to watch while I work. ;)

10. What is your major motivation? What drives you to keep going?

- My customers who come back again and again! They really keep me going and assure me that they love my work. There are days that sales will be down, and it can take a while to get going..but knowing that I have people who genuinely love my work, and choose to shop with me over other accessory shops can make it so worthwhile.

11. Do you have a favorite quote that gives you motivation with work?

- I really love the quote, "Create items that are hand made, not that look home made." Hahah, I know it isn't very inspirational, but it's true! People love the unique ness of a hand made item; and I love supporting crafty folks. But not many people want things that look home made.

12. Take each letter of your last name, and pick words that describe your personality? Example...Frank...Funny, Random, Animated, Nuts, and Kind

R - Random
O - Opinionated
B - Bold
B - Bodacious - LOL
I - Independent
N - Nice
S - Sensitive

That is tough!!

13. Give us a chuckle and tell us something funny that happened to you today.

-Hmm, this is hard! Today at my In Laws house I was saying that we will have to really throw down next year because my MIL is turning 60, and my husband is turning 30. My MIL said, "Aww, Jonathan, you'll be half my age next year!!" I answered with, "Isn't Jon always half your age?" That got a lot of laughs, because obviously that is impossible..which they all pointed out immediately! What was I thinking?! :D

14. Give us a question that you would like answered by other sellers, that we can include in our questionnaire. (Don't forget to answer it for yourself also!)

- What is one thing that you know now that you wish you would have known when you started your business?
- I wish that I would have just practiced more. When I look back at my first creations, I kinda cringe! Take the time to really practice and perfect what you create.

Any encouraging words for other sellers out there?

- Make sure that you read, research, watch, listen, and soak up as much information as you can before you start a business. It is so important to know what you're up against. Be patient, take good pictures, give a lot of pertinent information about your items, be good and speedy at communication. And most of all, just don't give up! Selling in the hand made world can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to break into! Just give it time, make sure that you're creating a top notch product that stands out above competition. Great customer service will go a really long way!

Here are a few of Nesto's Items!

Be sure to check out her shop on etsy
and "Like" her shop on Facebook!

A BIG Thank You to the designer at Nest of Many Colors, for taking the time to answer our questions, and being our very first Blog Showcase!
p.s. we have some of Nesto's beautiful items, and they are amazing!

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