Sunday, August 21, 2011

The New Addition!

I am proud to introduce our BEAUTIFUL new addition....
Kai Hudson Frank

I can not believe that the long road of pregnancy is over! Like I had said in a prior post, it is bittersweet. Bitter, because, I doubt I will have this experience again, and sweet, because I have this absolutely amazing little person here now! I can not even begin to tell you, how in love I am with this little man! The love of a mother to her baby is unbelievable, and since this is most likely my last, I want to soak up every minute I can with this new little life. Of course, it's not easy taking care of a new little guy, along with other children, plus...the things that come along with giving birth...your hips hurting, your legs hurting, your back hurting, your butt hurting, no sleep, your ability to cry about nothing at the drop of a hat, engorged globe sized boobs (which doesn't help the aching back), no makeup, no shape..well..I guess round and squishy is still kind of a shape...But, as much as I would love to complain about everything, it doesn't change anything, and I am sooo happy that I was able to have this experience again, and to be able to have this unbelievably handsome little man to add to my beautiful family! A big thank you to the nurse who delivered my since the doctor didn't come into the room on time, and an even bigger thank you to Kai for coming out, and the biggest thank you, goes to my husband, for creating life with me! I am so blessed!


  1. Congratulations! My little boy came on August 7 (quite a bit ahead of schedule in his case), and just came home with us last Thursday. Tis the season for cute baby boys! :D

  2. Congratulations on your little man also Beth! They are amazing aren't they?! So glad you have him home safe and sound ;)

  3. Aw, he's beautiful! I'm so happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see more pictures as he grows. :)