Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yet Another Day!

I had a goal to get some new designs up in both my Etsy shops. I wanted some "fresh" new looks before I closed down for a bit....although that has yet to happen for me...bummer! BUT, today is yet another day, that I will be sitting inside, in the Air Conditioning, on this beautiful and hot summer day, so maybe, just maybe....I will be able to get some things done! All has not been lost though! I have done some work with trade-a-holics, I have made some new promotional products, I have finished several websites, and will be finishing another today! So needless to say, productivity has in fact been high! Not to mention, the loads of laundry I have done for the family, and new baby, and today, the labor bag will be packed and ready! to finish up that site, and eat the almond cookies that I just remembered I stashed away! YUM!

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