Friday, July 29, 2011

Trade-A-Holics Anonymous

So, not everyone knows that on Etsy, you can make trades with other designers that are willing to do so! And to support this fun idea, is an Etsy group called "Trade-a-holics." I don't remember how I stumbled upon this specific group in one of the etsy forums, is AMAZING! I have done work for a lot of new Etsy shop owners, and seasoned shop owners, and every time has been wonderful! There are so many artists that are ready and willing to distribute their product for yours! What are the benefits, you ask? do get handmade or vintage, awesome stuff...that maybe you wouldn't outwardly purchase for yourself, and basically at trade equal price amounts, so that's great, you are supporting other designers, you are both getting new people interested in your products, and you can leave each other feedback in your shops! Which, come on....we all LIVE for when selling on Etsy! I mean, I know I get giddy, every time I notice that I am a number higher on my feedback! It lets both buyers and sellers alike, know that you are trust worthy, and well, as simple a gesture as it is, it really boosts your self esteem to see someone else, sing praises to you publicly, over a job well done! So! If you are into the idea of an "eye for an eye" a "tit for a tat" or simply put... "item for an item" to help support your business and another Etsian....check out the Trade-a-holic forum, and give it a go! But beware.....IT'S ADDICTING! So, have fun, and Trade On!

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