Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little Etsy Love!

Etsy is a real love of mine! It seems to be my go to place for shopping lately. I can't believe how many creative individuals can be found in one spot! And some of the photographs that people take to represent their items, are art in themselves. I have spoken to a lot of sellers, that are in the same position as I am also. I didn't know that there were so many more mothers who worked from home, to be able to earn some income, and also be there for their children, a lot of whom have special needs. I have three children and one on the way, my oldest has severe special needs, my youngest was diagnosed with type one diabetes almost a year ago, and it makes me feel not so "alone" knowing that there are other moms out there, doing what I am doing, out of necessity. Not just the necessity of money, or the necessity of being there for their children who need more assistance, but for the necessity of being able to save their sanity, and inspire through their own creations! It is not easy being a mom in general, it is not easy to be a mom with special needs children, and it is not easy being a work at home mom in either scenario. There are numerous distractions, and even some guilt about working, sometimes into all hours of the evening. But, if you do what you love, it shouldn't really feel like work. I mean, at the end of the day...are you grateful?! I know I am, and I'm so thankful to be able to help others on their journeys of small business operation....even if it's just something little like creating a tag for them to represent their work. I have found that Etsy, is almost therapeutic for me. I love the convos from people, I love learning about their products, and their lives, which all seem to melt together in a way, and there are a lot of sellers, who are just so supportive and inspiring. I hope that some of the clients I have done work for, feel that I embodied that for them in some way also. Thank you so much to all you wonderful Etsy mothers, and sellers, who are out there, bringing their passions to others, for the sake of necessity to their souls and sanity!

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